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    There is a hidden fortune, so glorious and rare,
Beyond imagination, for nothing can compare.
Not height, nor depth, or width, can fully give the measure,
Of the inheritance, to those that find this treasure.


Great is the mystery of this godliness and wealth.
Giving life to your soul, and wholeness to your health.
Peace to your spirit, and a solid rock foundation,
For there's no greater riches, than the joy in Christ's salvation.


So teach your children well, and lead them to this Gem,
Of righteousness and faith, to fall in love with Him.
Guide them in His wisdom, draw your children nigh.
Fill them with His promise's, the words that you live by.


Set a good example, by the things that you impart,
Bury the richest gifts, down deeply in their hearts.
Storing up the fulness of wisdom, truth, and Light,
Learning to find joy, in choosing what is right.


More precious than a diamond, more valuable than gold,
To know that they have entered, His protective fold.
Jesus is the Shepherd, that will guard them in His ways,
If only you will teach them, through your words and praise.


Training up your children, in the ways that they should walk,
Nurturing their souls, by the words they hear you talk.
Help them find this treasure, that is their estate to claim,
The bounty of eternal life, to be found in Jesus Name!


Author: Julie Carro
My most humble appreciation to Julie Carro for 
 the use of her inspiring poems.  If you have enjoyed 
 this poem, please contact  Julie Carro and say, 
 "Thank you for sharing" or visit her site  Hope In Him.  

 Music "Tears For The Children"
 Bruce DeBoar Used with permission